Fast Cash EA Went From $3,987 to $16,865 in 30 days!

Fast Cash EA is the latest forex robot that has hit the market. Fast Cash EA went from $3,987 to $16,865 in 30 days which seems to be quite a good performance. Turning $3K into $17K means making a return of 423% in just one month which is pretty amazing. If you want, you can watch the Fast Cash EA FREE video presentation. After watching this video presentation, if you get interested you can download the Fast Cash EA and test it RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.

It is must that first you test this EA on your demo account for at least one month. Without testing never try to trade live with any new EA, robot or software no matter what claims are being made by the developers. If in one month, you get a good performance, you should further test it for one more month. If the performance in one month of demo testing which is also known as forward trading is not good, simply go for a refund. Testing a new EA can be a time consuming process but it is worth undertaking.

Back testing is no foolproof indication of the possible performance of a new EA. An EA can have wonderful back testing results but fall flat miserably in live trading. There are many limitations when you conduct the back test. So even if the developers are showing very good backtesting results, don’t take the bait. Do your own forward test. You just need one month to check how good this EA is. If the performance is not good in one month, it is an indication that you won’t get a good performance in the second month. First impression is the last impression, take it like that.

So if you get interested, you can download Fast Cash EA and test it on the demo account. Just make sure that you have installed it properly. Using a VPS is a good idea. There are some brokers who are providing FREE VPS services to their clients. It is always a good idea to check with your broker if they have the FREE VPS service available. Using a VPS makes it easy. You don’t need to keep the computer on all the time and worry about power outages or the internet getting disconnecting. The EA will be hosted on a VPS and there are practically zero percent chances of it getting disconnected and you making a losing trade. Just make sure that the installation has been done properly.

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