Forex Invest Bot Makes 7,500 Pips Profit!

Forex Invest Bot has been developed by the same programmer who had developed the Forex Growth Bot. Eugene L. is the creator of both the Forex Invest Bot as well as the Forex Growth Bot. Forex Invest Bot uses smart entry and exit with advanced trailing and money management. It is a FIFO complaint robot with no grid, no martingale or hedging involved.  The developer has posted two live account on the third party verified site You can take a detailed look at the two live account statements posted by the developer on his Forex Invest Bot site meanwhile take a look at the strategy tester report posted below.

Forex Invest Bot Strategy Tester Report

As you can see above the equity curve for this test was quite smooth which is a good sign that this robot is expected to have a low drawdown. On one live account, Forex Invest Bot is made a monthly gain of around 9.66% with a max drawdown of 8.01%. On the other live account statement posted by the developer of this robot, the monthly gain was 13.16% while the max drawdown was 41.81% which is quite high. So the first thing that you need to do is forward test Forex Invest Bot on the demo account and only if you get good results you should trade live with it. In case of live trading, start with a small deposit of $250.

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