StrategyQuant EA Wizard-Make Your Own Forex Robot!

StrategyQuant EA Wizard is a powerful piece of software. Watch this StrategyQuant EA Wizard video FREE where the developer shows how easily he creates the EMA cross strategy with this EA Wizard in just 2 minutes without having any programming skills. EADeveloping an EA can be a daunting task. You need to learn MQL4 language that is primarily based on C++ in order to start developing your own EAs. Learning this language is equivalent to doing a masters in computer programming.

So if you don’t know how to programme, you will always be at an disadvantage as you will face difficulty in automating your successful manual forex strategy. If you don’t know how to programme an EA using MQL4 language, you can however hire an expert programmer.  The expert programmer can programme the EA for you but he or she will be charging something like $200-$300 per hour. Do you have this much money to spent on the development of your automated trading strategy.

However using this EA Wizard, you can easily create your forex robot, you can also create your own forex signals indicator as well as backtest your forex strategy. Backtesting using real market data can help you a lot in knowing whether the forex robot or the signals generator that you have created has the potential of making any profits in the market. If you have been trading forex successfully for sometime using your manual strategy, you will love this EA Wizard as you can use it to automate your manual strategy and make your life much easier as a trader.

This is how you can automate your manual forex strategy. Just convert it into a signals generator. This signals generator is going to send you an email alert or give you a sound alert whenever there is a high probability trade setup. So you don’t need to sit in front of the computer screen now when trading with your manual strategy. The EA Wizard will create a signals generator that you can use to trade. The good thing is ofcourse as said above, you don’t need to know any computer programming in order to create this signals generator. You can test this StrategyQuant EA Wizard RISK FREE for 30 days. This Wizard EA is a tool that virtually any real trader will need at some point in his or her trading career. At some point you will feel that you need to automate your manual forex strategy. Wizard EA can help you in automating your forex strategy.

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